Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Residual Income

Why is it better to have a residual income and income depends not only on wages? Residual income by definition, the income of a person, usually their property at your finger tips. She makes a man not spending eight hours a day at the office as his personal property to make work for themselves in the process of making money for him.
residualincome1The current practice for people to earn money to find a job and work, either temporarily or for a year. You will get paid and paid on a monthly basis, and it enables them what they want in the places to travel, or just buy what their salaries, so they want to buy travel, but released when the story ends happily money and people were constantly reporting to work and continue their work today again and again. Your salary is not over and over again, but their efforts continue to work hard-earned money.

People can fight for higher wages in order to advance in their current company, or demand higher wages to pay for other companies to choose from. You may have a higher education can be an MBA and leadership on behalf of the supervisor or manager of the company. Their salaries are increasing their lifestyle may be too high. But in the end, they still have work the next day, have more problems and stress, it is still constantly working to make their way on a daily basis in order to exploit them get the wages and provide evidence to lifestyles they want enjoy the support of it.

What is technically rat race and the lives of most people who go even further. The cycle of operation is not stopped. That is because people will always be required to pay the bills, put food on the table and enjoy a good weekend to end his.

So, how is it possible for everyone to leave the race to work 8 hours per day? How easy money, can the lifestyle you want and need to support the expectations of even the possibility of stable income to the bank to see live?
The answer lies on the ground to prosperity for themselves, not only for the salary of staff and process, but the possibility of future profits in the bank, not necessarily to get the most work to an hour.

That is what we call passive income. Residual income, also what we call residual income for a single property. These activities may be form of property rental income. The shares of blue-chip company that is continuously dividends is another way to earn passive income. These include funds that are still useful for owners of investment funds.

The process of transition from the lifestyle of income from employment in the lives of other income from operations challenged man who is currently a successful race is financed connected. The ability to save enough money, or enjoy the talent and skills of the person to reduce his income, not to work for the benefit of the process towards financial independence back.

resdidualincome2People who have benefited from their talents and abilities, and settled in the sense of financial independence, they are potential passive income. Composers such as a few great songs that will lead the Billboard and MTV are constantly record sales for the life of passive income on royalties for each song to earn that you leave in a letter to a game console or sold book in the stores.

Successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, who started her own business and enabled their business ideas that began with the success we can expect consistent profits from their activities. They are not effective, and responsible for all those who continue to manage their affairs for them, and you can not expect to grow their businesses and benefit their activities.

Why residual income is better than all sources of income? There is an initial capital, because someone with his efforts to seed business ideas, art investment, regardless of family planning education, age, background or profession. Passive income, financial stability and freedom, not about the next day at work and just enjoy the free time to share with your loved ones or things you've always wanted to spend to do in life.

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