Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The desire to take credit card debt is universal for all who struggle with this serious problem. This is not an isolated problem. Increasingly serious problems with credit card debt just in these times, they need to use your credit almost every day.

zeropercent1There's something a bit odd that credit card companies come up with proposals that will help you get out of credit card debt, if the people problem first. It's almost like a drug dealer on a new drug can that is given medication, But drug trafficking is as exciting as the previous one. But when you get offers for new credit cards per month, often you want to help push themselves out of debt into debt for them.

Maybe offer comes along, is difficult to go over the options for you to make a balance transfer to pay some debts and no interest. These proposals are often referred to 0-100 and marketing people can send a copy of these proposals if they are inclined to believe that you really be able to able to have an interest in repayment of the loan you pay basically simple and all.

So are zero balance transfer credit card offers percent for real? Yes, in that they have, and yes, the interest rate, you will see the first statement will be zero percent. But like all things, there are catches and things to watch. We must remember that credit card companies is completely in the collection of interest. They do nothing. They offer no value to society, to build no roads, no hospitals, can not sell food, no medicine, no TV make you laugh. They are there to collect the home of your debts, interest and try to speak with you to work even more debt.

zeropercent2So if you get an offer zero percent, is expected to recover money lost in the support of your job and pay no interest. One way to do this with the transfer fee. They are almost always a fee for the transfer of 3-5%, with a minimum balance, and sometimes the maximum value. Read the fine print carefully to make sure that you, as it is to be understood, and I agree. But knowing that the transfer fee no more than disguised interest. And the calculation of interest, to pay debts to the left, where now stands before you a bank account at zero percent cash.

In addition, you can only see very rarely, 0-100 balance transfer is not for a very limited time, usually not more than three to six months. Thus, the transfer fees are taken into consideration, we must ask whether the effort to move the money was worth it. And at the end of induction, the plan, the interest to what credit card companies will be increased. Make absolutely sure you know what interest rate and will live on this level of interest declared. If you are at zero percent for three months, then years transfer to the benefit of 21%, not win in this transaction, gained as credit card companies.

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