Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harmony Debt Free Living.

Why do you need to know more about Chinese medicine ?

If you know why it's better than Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and loans will be able to understand, solve many other problems.

Chinese Medicine
To understand in determining the cause of the problem ==> adding to the patient about these topics ==> ==> How to prevent this problem from the patient in order to explain the problem ==> How do I put this problem is for him to explain to the patient,

debtharmony1Western medicine.

Identify the problem (the source only the most obvious) remove ==> (or maybe not), the problem ==> solution
In this second case, the patient will not know the cause of the problem is now clear, and it is more likely to fall into the same situation again.

To understand in the first case the patient that the root of the problem. He has many weapons to fight, and in the second case, he does not know who and where the next threat will be the winner.

How can I tell you about any subject that many people are in debt, let me explain: If you assume the responsibility that the real reason you need to specify the amount.

The reason is that the interest in these situations. Time to determine their interest rate decision at this time and for economic development is inevitable.

Q: China principle, remember? The interest rate on the grounds that it is more beneficial to society, you know?

As can be seen as the start of trading on the basis of equity and interest on the real cause of the injustice that the problem of debt is caused to see. This source.

debtharmony2How to act on the basis of justice. To understand after reading the product and other people need this product, which is one of three reasons:
The urgent need (water, food ...)
(; Conditioner - train, bus, plane, car over long distances), then the solution
(Beauty products, health ...) Feel Good
This product is exchanged for money against you. As you know, you have the money and customers for the product. Each winner, because justice.

This interest in the environment resist.

Then you come to understand and begin implementing the principle of the Chinese, you will find even more problems. MasterCard / Visa Card, Discovery, American Express: The interesting thing here was the inevitable result. Everyone has one or more.

You can not buy them what is right and what does it mean? To do credit and interest, without paying, you will not be able to a car or a house, which means that either means buy, ... If more money or borrowing from someone else.

Our task is to find ways to find out of debt. But to leave the main control.

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