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Although a variety of mortgage loans, 1%, 1% of the mortgage, there's really only two main buttons.
Mortgage loan is to ensure that only the beginning.

And be sure to use credit to get the maximum benefit.

First, let's talk about how credit. In order to reap the financial rewards, then create a credit for the movement, can also offer these loans.

percent1To begin with, and for the payment of 1% for mortgage loans. Each month, when 30-year mortgage to a fixed payment, a fixed payment of 15 years, interest payments, and only 1% will have the opportunity to make the minimum payment.

Taking into account some few payment options, but must select only 1% of the minimum wage.

A 30-year fixed or 15 year fixed interest only if you want to pay, usually best for this type of loan, with a high mortgage payment for these payments.

If you choose to decline in the first victory in the minimum payment of 1% per month will be significant. Your mortgage payment is reduced by half: Of course, this is a main attraction benefit most homeowners.

For example, $ 1,000 each month to reduce the monthly payment on all credit cards and pay to refinance your home loan by 1%: You are going to save the 1% minimum payment option to connect .

Now if the other instead of $ 1000 per month to pay your creditors, and $ 60,000 in cash at the end of five years and return to zero.

The minimum wage of 1% in the second option.

percent2The tax savings.

If you have interest only mortgage the balance of payments remains the same. Really, this is payment of less interest, if you have a minimum payment of 1%, the mortgage balance each month, you increase the deferred interest it generates.

Before you worry, the mortgage interest deferred interest, and therefore not taxable.

Suppose that a house costs $ 2000 per month. 1% of the loan, for example, that a small portion of the meeting, one month and the amount of taxes of $ 500 allows you to get open.

Therefore, a small piece of equity each month receive a tax deduction for the Open. He has not done, all estimates of its capital will be closed.

Justice of the beauty and, of course, the benefits of home ownership is one of many. However, zero percent of their investment will help.

At home no one will cut a check each month to share: By the way, selling your home or obtaining a home equity loan if you want to achieve. And do not get better quality or credit card.

So, why a small portion of their capital each month, this is not tax deductible for you to save $ 1000 per month, at the same time. You have a lot of capital, it will be 1% of mortgage loans and equity funds.

If the material is a regular 30-year fixed mortgage or an interest only if you go for a long time ago, in this case.
Deferred interest is concerned about the way they are trying to make payments every two weeks. A biweekly payment is reduced, and in some cases to eliminate all deferred interest. This means that increasing the mortgage balance.

How to determine the right loan.

The name of the game. Therefore, the amortization of 30 years.

Index, which is related to 2) 30 years of age, 15 years of age, interest only payments. An MTA (Monthly Treasury Average) index as the slow movement, and Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate), select index as the speed of movement.

So how can you lose 1% of the mortgage.

Reply to this devaluation.

If the value of homes plummeted, deferred interest may lead to a house of ill repute.
However, since the growth of 3% to 5%, and save that which will save a minimum of 1% of mortgage loans if you have a very positive impact on your financial future can.

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