Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is estimated that more than 40 million workers were from the United States for emergency medical accidents in 2003. This is an impressive number, considering the effort they have put most of the companies to maintain a safe working environment. In our time, the number of companies liable for injuries suffered in their offices. It is a relationship between safety and profitability.
workplace1Each company is mainly engaged in industrial manufacturing, always looking for ways to continually improve its products and processes. They understand that their profits directly to the ways and means that they produce their products together. Unfortunately, too many companies in the car and more money, as usually happens, so that security in the background.

Costs associated with managing a large factory in the U.S. linked amazing. Industrial accidents impose a huge burden of cost and performance society weakened. These lesions may be good planning and attention to detail is reduced. Most accidents can be prevented. There are several factors to consider, but maintaining a safe and clean working environment is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. The workers are responsible for self-harm.

Accidents are a significant burden on health services and insurance. As companies look to higher premiums for health care workers, one of the few means available to cover the costs continue to pay higher prices for goods that they produce. Although pregnancy costs for consumers and businesses to ignore his injury at work. The emphasis here seems to be to maintain healthy relationships with shareholders, and not necessarily to maintain a healthy workforce.

It is interesting that he sent a record number of jobs, especially in the industry abroad. There are several reasons for this. An important reason is that U.S. companies can reduce costs for their share of costs at home, using cheap labor in foreign markets. Foreign governments, wanting to invest, are only too willing to accommodate the interests of major Western companies. Too often this occurs at the expense of safety.

workplace2If companies want to be profitable in the long term, should rethink its approach to safety and health of their employees. Many companies send jobs overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and employment law relaxed. American companies can be profitable and safety conscious. Through awareness and planning in advance of accidents can be reduced significantly. Remember that happy employees secure a happy and productive worker.

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