Thursday, September 6, 2012


Many people have a lot of people who know, because of the mortgage. However, if you know how the mortgage. Here are some basic history of the mortgage and income, if any.

historyFirstly, only the right mortgage land. The purchaser of any interest rate paid by the seller and the buyer to the seller to the land. Yes, the earth that day only, the recipient must be provided prior to the property conditions, but usually the money to pay the seller of this land, which is based on probability. Thus, regardless of the mortgage and mortgage of land shall be in writing or does not remain in force.

However, this event is very one-sided that the ownership of the land that the seller or lender, absolute power, and this sale, payment can not, refuse to pay and other issues, they can do is love you to any buyer to serious problems. Finally, on the basis of payment of the property free and clear when they are allowed: Time and the general abuse of the mortgage system, the courts, when they land, property, on the contrary, that they have to save more for the rights of the buyer. It was not safe, that they and their money paid by the seller that you are taking steps to not enough.

history2United States of America, its version of the mortgage market has created a number of countries, both in England and Wales, in 1925, property "state" is called. Loans to the United States. In 1934, the home buyer to get loans more easily in their homes and the Federal Housing Administration to help reduce the United States began to re-use. During this time, about 40% of their homes, people in the United States. Now that figure is close to 70% for the low interest rates.

Despite the fact that the mortgage has become very different ways, they are mostly in the beginning, they have the same contract. Now the buyer, seller and lender, there are laws and regulations to protect the many. To lock in low interest rate, there are many different ways, but what about the price now, and what you need to talk to a mortgage broker, loan period of low interest rates prompted to save the types of programs.

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