Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There is a skit of the show David letterman Show called “Stupid Pet Tricks” because the things that people teach their Animals do really stupid. Letterman was so good drawing, followed by another series of so-called "stupid people like" Now is when it comes to dozens of credit cards you receive in your inbox every week, you would think that some companies credit cards they want to be the next series is called "stupid tricks on credit cards."

cardtrick1For this action, you get credit cards seem to match almost any strategy can lead to the conclusion you have another credit card, you may think that the fact that credit card debt on credit card companies may be epidemic in this country, what do its time to learn about the consumer, who is responsible for the use of credit. Instead, they are doing their best to help more, not less than credit cards and use them as much as possible.

There should be credit card companies, because, as do credit card companies credit cards, too, is happy and fun and great toys for your wallet, not toys: We must never forget that credit card for a way to expand to dozens of small credit cards, unsecured loans, loan payments, your credit card that will set up the plane, including high interest rates and impose additional costs to you they please.

This does not mean that they do not use credit card is a good thing. Good credit is a property of all adults are responsible to make life easier and to make necessary purchases for life. Credit and other money to replace the currency of choice and control, as well as the preferred method of payment, gas, restaurants and other shops and supermarkets.

Although the distribution, as well as the loan amount in real life for us, it is also an important step in the credit card company to support the economy, and therefore even more dependent on them. So, the best defense is to take responsibility for your life and your credit card, make sure that you are not the BOSS of your credit cards, can be reversed.

cardtrick2Credit card, silly things can be really fun to watch, and sometimes tempting. You have pride in your school colors to college students responding to the credit card you can give credit for donations to save the environment, help the poor or to create a college fund for your child: There are all kinds of awards, the concept of cash back, miles, and gifts and toys, the only credit card company to pay more for credit cards, and with them much.

Put it bluntly, you need to learn, and these proposals will not be hungry and we can laugh at silly things, they are trying to use. But if a company credit card, you always have a card or something, it will not be shopping with you if you want a credit card company, which offers only. You must be a fair price that will not change is not a drop of a hat. You should receive credit within a reasonable period of time and are always trying to raise, you get more things for sale on the map. It must have good customer relations and is ready to negotiate with them, so that you will always be good value for their service not only to pay for a number of toys and frills you do not delete it.

From the mind of what the credit card company, and it is a real credit cards are tools for adults, more mature, games or toys, we can keep, how we use our credit cards and how to discourage the long-term loan, will lead to the nightmare credit card debt.

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