Monday, February 27, 2012


I heard you know a lot about credit cards, that consumer debt in our country, and debt, in particular on all credit cards and high savings less time than ever before. They realize that the boom in online shopping, as well as the absolute dependence on credit cards, and continues to encourage its use. You know what works on plastic and pay the balance with interest, which he believes is one of the major flaws, and expand our business. I think it should be destroyed a large amount of credit cards, direct mail applications teaser low interest in the forests of northern Idaho.

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However, credit cards, and that life in the 21st century, and it makes sense to understand how wisely. Although it may be useful to all of you for your wallet is made of plastic, it is recommended to reduce the number of cards you have, of course, pay all balances in full each month. In fact, will offer only traditional American Express card, which does not allow for a balanced, best exercise to strengthen the financial discipline you and your family, but in the form of a declaration of visas for American Express. The rest of us who occasionally dabble in credit card debt, here are some ways to keep the habit under control.

1. Use the first program of frequent flyers with credit cards, but keep in mind that the balance of great interest to many of the flights of "free" a lot of change. On a dollar a mile, running 00 025 tickets for religion, but the annual interest is $ 4500, assuming semi-annual rate of 18%.

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2. Looks very close to the bite of the second credit card offers. It is clear that many are 3.99% and 2.99% up to several months. However, there may be other catches. Let's make a payment, even if only one day after the hike in the outcome of permanent low initial price may not apply only to transferred balances, and you can move to production. Also check if the close of the annual fee or fees for exceeding the credit limit or account.

3. Amazing Grace third of the period to avoid the trick. What do you want, unless you have the right to charge interest as long as you say in your account in full at maturity, but some cards have no grace period, interest in the purchase, while others will have a specific time you have to pay interest costs. And must be completed this period of 20 days or more before expiration.

4. Do not forget to block the card is no longer used. If you do not, and thus credit reports, and it can be challenging, especially when applying for a mortgage. Do you have accumulated a creditor may wish to limit credit card credit 100 000 000 $ 50 or more.


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