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Introduces the concepts and survived

Mike Pagan - Speakers commercial law says professional attention
Consultant and business coach, I have asked many question, "How to specialize in?" Or more precisely: "I want a consultant specializing in industrial X
If consultants are not specific or specialized in a particular area, this provision does not have a chance to win customers.
This may be completely wrong for several reasons. All companies are essentially the same goals and objectives of those who are not bound by the detailed knowledge of the industry say.

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Like all of the same company?
The restaurant, which is different from the authority away from the bus and all accounting practice.
There are two important elements for any business - the products or services, and profits.
Benefits to the customers is one thing, and the final products or services they buy. The company produced or imported foreign to them. This is the problem of the manufacturer, not them.
Companies have special skills, equipment, and language skills, attitudes, or skills of leadership and motivation for the specific use. They are not attractive to customers who simply want a product or service "X" "Y" for the price. As it happens, not a problem.

Gains and losses

On the other side of those profits. Product or service provider is not in the business, and if they make a profit. And non-profit companies can not survive. There are many cases that this method is the marketing, the leader of the losses can gain market share initiative, etc.. In the end, the company's profits in one form or another discussion in order to survive.
Combining all the elements in the background of all the money. Production, education, training, marketing, engineering, training and development - everything that happens in one degree or another, before the goods or services.


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The sum of all things.

Know the amount of costs and expenses of the client is the process of doing business. In addition to signing at the expense of the principle of doing business in profit. The final price is that foreign markets will depend, to the maximum extent possible. Competition in the prices of raw materials, staff, and the client fails to pay.
In fact, the business of providing products or services to the customer at a price that companies continue to do essentially the same company.

Must create and stay alive.

Why in specialized ?
Why, then, when we recommend our clients and external consultants and we are pleased that the demand for specialists in your area?
Or technical consultant to work on a specific project in a distinct area in the knowledge society, a specialized course. In particular, the project consultant, or softer, particularly the teachers needs.
However, if and to promote economic growth, coupled with the motivation and communication strategy, and planning - skills or experience in a particular area, to prevent progress.
For example, counselors and coaches who are focused on the efforts of health and wellness in the first place on the daily work of the Medical Center. Areas such as staff, and control settings in the degree of acidity, a swimming pool and the chlorine content.

Non-specialized approach

On the other hand, the lack of a specialist consultant to train more attention to these two bases of the company - number of members, and retain members, and service quality, and consistency of services and other sources of income. PH value of the spare pool, which the customer does not care if something goes wrong.
Processes must be in the background, but other things to focus on business development.
Specializing in value terms is not an objective of the show and look at the broader picture of the society, without the limits of the small details that do not change the overall goal.
The client just wants a product or service 'X' to 'Yes' for the price. As it happens, not a problem. If the system is difficult for the manufacturers, and it is difficult for customers, there will be other competitors that are more than willing to accept.


The purpose of damage or a fog, a higher return than that in the scheme of a grand piano. This may mean working with people who have experience in key areas.
Long-term perspective, and organizing more faster and more efficient in their ultimate goal. To survive, to give the user for products and services at, a level that will allow the company to fight another day, will benefit.
The first thing to do, if we consider a consultant or trainer understand why the advice or external support. Q What is the reason, which does not work, it is best if it is a symptom or a cause that you do not want to do?

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