Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Workshop on effective meetings, sometimes I do, one participant, "Where is my boss," I.
I said, "your boss is an expert when you conduct an effective meeting is acceptable.".
The man laughed. "My boss of a company you will be able to attend the workshop and with the help of our manager and I will not use it."

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Anyone who does not use the ideas we presented to the conference conclusions are wrong, so no company can provide all the training.

To test the effect of learning in three major challenges.

1. People who follow their leaders. Management support and training programs, each of the more successful. I always take part in the workshop, that is why the planning authority. I joined. I have reviewed the material discussed in this seminar is recommended for the future. In fact, I worked with people who provide support and educational tests. Many applications sent in for repair just to make the training takes place on the fence that had a bad reputation. It will run under these conditions, any training program can not achieve more. The main thing: support the management training program before you enter into the plan.

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2. The responsibility each of us can control our area. And each of us in our environment is created.
Above, the meeting continued despite the poor management effectively. In fact, strong leadership, effective meeting with a person with a bad boss of the conference can be changed.
Each of two parts: the first study of the learning experience and new technology (important), if you choose to use the relationship of the two.
The important point: Even if you can other users effectively.

3. Some people have a dream. Give me an effective way of meeting to recommend a good book for a few years ago, I received a call from a colleague today want to know. Somehow this man is expected to start the next day, struggling to find documentation for the workshop.

You have more of an expert from a book that is not good, and have learned to make. In this case I is an effective way to introduce the conference to be held in one of two recommended books.
Read more companies to set up a training program based on a book that will take the coach. And employer, fully subject agrees to talk about. The best coach in your life, breathe, and they will use what they teach is how to order. All this should answer the questions and situations that could lead to their participation is encouraged. They really know their subjects.
The main point: the book, hire a coach (for example), we can not read this book.
It can show you how they want to improve the delivery of the human individual, professional training programs can be successful.

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