Friday, February 17, 2012


You may have seen bad meetings, and must have the following screen. Here you can be certain.

1) people who believe the experts.

I know how many people to meet. In fact, it is one of the parties: Guests are invited to submit their questions directly. People are talking about. People eat. And nothing happens. Or, you can reach an agreement does not apply.

Reason: to learn to live a real experience. Schedule and take a seminar or a book when the mediator is very important results: These results contribute to the welfare of people who have the modern tools that recognition. This tool is very practical and easy to use. Of course, you should know that you are using.

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2) People think they are a source of inspiration.
Many of the ads on the long term, and so I think that I was impressed. In fact, just the opposite. Quick access and long term (and sometimes offensive) and boring. Why? Most of the staff seems to want to play an active role in helping the company, and therefore the time.
Gives participants the opportunity to interview design. Results of your choice to think the right track. Decisions to use the service. Recording and distribution of a statement by mail or e-mail, or to use the meeting, if it should be retained in the short term (minutes).

3) And other people: I agree.

Smile a lot of human contact, eyes, smile and confidence in order to assess absorption. In fact, most of the staff will do their own BOSS, I am the Lord is angry, and there will be more convenient for employees. Then, after the end of the meeting, and will be one of the officers three things:

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a. and convert them to ignore the message, or 3 schools),
b. and forget it.

Do: to be fair, each process is scheduled to meet. Use agreement and approval decisions. Decisions by the people who help to create.

4) People think that other fortune-tellers.

Many people come to share their vision of a world without hope that the agenda of the meeting. By the way, meeting all their hopes, fears and ideas. As a result of the complexity of the problem without a clear-cut, depending on the program, it is between civilization and chaos.

Note: The list of topics on the agenda almost as useful as the waves.
No: in writing to attend the meeting. Then, without rest, you can use to prepare for a meeting to plan every step of the budget that you can use to prepare the participants in the meeting agenda at least one day. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the agenda, please call the main participants of the meeting.

5) People calling the meeting.

Many people hate any emergency situation, contact or respond to the crisis. In fact, you may experience a special (and expensive) will be. Only one group of people working as a team to achieve results, which are used for their efforts: The treatment is not everything. During the meeting, each time losing the wrong reasons.
Do not make your business a chance to square the match. It is more a result of this meeting, make sure that the cost of other activities that you can get the same result, and if there were other activities.

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