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If you have contacts with strangers, you are wasting your time: A consultant friend of mine recently complained: "I do 2-3 week long event. And I'm tired, "If I do not know why it was important that the network, they asked him," said one of my goals is to network marketing event in at least one week "(I thought he only confessed: 2-3 weeks. three times a week and can be more intelligent than its purpose is to cause some problems). But there is more to the myth of American business networks.

network1Myth 1: The network has become more efficient network operations.

Truth 1: It is very important that the activities of the popular Web 2.1, which is divided into different groups. As for the deep attack every time.

I asked how the network works for him. He said. "I have no place in the last six months:" The reason for the network: "Everyone knows the construction business, which has a network" in this sense. Or, worse, sound familiar?

See if this scenario took place on the web.

Learn one of 30 seconds. She murmured something in the real estate sector were excluded. They ask you what you are doing, and say that you are in the insurance sector, 10 seconds, looked at each other, the head of celery, for want of anything better than this.

network2Myth 2: Cocktail sausage and circuit breakers to the success of

Truth 2. Create a network of business efficiency as a barrier to marriage. According to Dr. Phil, «is not true."

Therefore, it is the love of his life, a business networking event.

1. Do business with any of them after a few minutes, and handed him a card printed incorrectly.

2. Between the Company and not "30 seconds of advertising," the more effective and attractive.

3. Many of us great difficulty to explain what we do, let only the past, explain what you need to listen and perspective.

4. Red with a stranger or is not positive definite, and the thing is completely random. Some people, that the network is equally effective cold calling, the less effective marketing tool available.

So I say, that networking is a waste. Of course not. What does it mean that you should start with an intelligent network.

Here are a few ideas to update the pumpkin.

- Network with people in coffee or lunch 12:59. His knowledge and experience, it can be a source of potential customers, partners, or referrals. But first, to make friends. The rest will come naturally.

- If you are a foreign network, going 2-3 to your lunch or coffee with you interesting.

- Ask every customer is satisfied with (not everyone can be happy, right) when a contact who should be interested in the type of goods or services, please call and use their names: («Hi, my name is Ginger and Fred, you should not call a great enticement "). Already have one thing in common - Ginger.

- Create a "black list" as a kind of network activity on the network, you can download the software and want to sell with the needs of SMEs. Make a list and said that your calendar or PDA Little Black. Network and focus your consciousness is only a man, or anyone else can relate to people.

- No member of the group work and spend their time in a non-profit civic, social, religious, music, recreation, sports ... The list is endless. Establish relationships with the people in your group: Maybe you have a Moose AND BROKERS. A Moose, seems to want to be home more Moose. If yes, has the market cornered by Moose. You are in the hand drum. Guess what? Hand drummers, who want to do with the other drummer's hands. Do you understand?

- If «mixer» go to our eyes, for example, your goal might be, "three people in my list of goals and get their books, so I can go for breakfast, coffee, lunch or badminton." Traditional "network event" is just the first phase of the project for world hegemony, rather than seek an end in itself.
This last idea, thinking that Shake Network: Network with people you already know, as you, or do business with you.

network3Myth 3. Network, more and more people do not know.

Truth 3. Network and exchange opportunities to convince the people I met, where we can help each other.

Employees to take from 2-3 days to communicate with people from work, get past, former client or influential people who are concerned that in the past, he said.
Everyone has a "fan" is not used.

Think it through a friend, partner, Mentor and my family with that already on hand.
So, come out and network, but it is worth the investment and the Smart Grid. When her mother always said: "I work in a foreign network."

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