Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here is a quick and easy way to develop a strategic plan for each letter, and although it does not require much actual writing, it helps to focus and get the best response to your message.

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A sheet of paper and divide it in four equal parts by drawing a horizontal line in the yard and a vertical line down the page.
From the upper left corner, write the idea of the approach. A few words are sufficient to explain the basic concepts. It is not difficult and does not use any area outside the area will lead to a number of brevity. For example, "Only a casual customer accounts in the middle and the end of the month, not only at the end."

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Go to the top right corner, briefly explain the "why" and "why" of ideas. What do you have for this idea, for example, "I can improve your cash flow and credit lines to reduce costs by 5%."

Now go to the bottom right corner and the "who" and "how" to be involved in the implementation of this idea. For example, "Sales representatives provide payment information, the processes of each month from 10, 15 and 30 bills and advice."

Finally, the lower left corner, as well as explain how they know if the idea factory. What can be measured or controlled, if you have the privileges provided in the upper right corner. For example, "Viewing the ratio of claims and cost of the credit line each month."

Now you have a one page summary of the idea, although no detailed plan to help you with my ideas, and communicate the essence of his others.

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