Monday, February 27, 2012


Yes, if not organized, the management plan will decrease with time, in many cases, but if you have an organized plan, you can click on the path to success. The organization has an important role in time management. If we are not organized, we will send you a message to another person. Besides, as you can see part of the program :

plan1The course may be to write this article because of my past, I live in a big problem: I tried, my time management is often because they are not able, or thought it would be no ability to regulate. On the road to recovery, I learned a few special techniques, I would like to share with our readers want it, because one, I am sure you will thank me for writing this article.

Organized by:

Many suffer as a direct result of the negligence of time management. Studies have reported suffering in frustration, regret, anxiety, low self-esteem and respect.

If we do not have an important management tool of our time. So to start, let's organized. Priorities have to start organizing and project management time. Contributes to the organization more productive life. First, you should not leave personal items and begin to spread.

plan2If your desk and show you around like a chicken with its head to see where you put it is important that the document, and not after the event, your time is not managed properly.

If you have the materials lying around, which is not desirable to throw in the trash, because they just wake up and confused about what is important: you can also store documents in a document using the settings on the right. Some of us prefer to get our documents in alphabetical order, while others prefer to save the document with a file name.

Next, I want to put your bills and other important documents in a folder with a file name. For example, if your phone to your name in front of telephone.files. Avoid vague file names, because it can only go so late. As an editor and writer, I learned the golden rule, I think it applies to all situations in life: the Golden Rule KISS (Keep It Simple stupid). Help, you may feel foolish later. Create a separate file for your safety, financial reporting, insurance and maintenance of records of the birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport or other important documents in a separate file.

Again, make sure that certain files, so that no confusion later on the label if you received a bill or other important documents in your mailbox, be sure to treat each situation, as well as the proper and timely manner. If you get a lot of garbage in it:

Most of it is nothing to offer us, and we often tricks to reduce the system. If you can not hang with the big dogs, stay on the balcony to go small. This advice also includes e-mail: If you have a job, which requires the use of computers, and have their own mailbox.

Do not enter your e-mail address for those who are not related to your company. This will help you in your time and stay organized. At least once a week, or if we refuse, cleaning supplies and organize important documents and organize and plan your journey time management.

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