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This is not an important part of the Department of Personnel Management does not require an explicit reference. However, intends to work and not a universal truth, and many organizations may be something that can not be avoided and can be found.

There are ways, such as the presence and impact to a minimum. First, we must look to the factors causing the absence, and the absence of unplanned work for more particularly comprehensive.

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Reason for the lack of

The short term and malaise: a short-term disease a big surprise. Patients may be an employee immediately, or do some kind of evidence to prove the disease.

Long-term illness: is usually not covered by the certificate

Fixed or unauthorized late absence: Employees can get away without reason, or perhaps later in the habit
Are not allowed: Employees of different types of leave allowed, according to labor legislation. These include holidays, maternity leave (his father), and leave the education, and so on. This type can not be predictable, and can also offer an alternative with the previous planning.


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Absenteeism from work and the measures

Many organizations do not take the trouble to find out the costs of absenteeism, and the reasons for rejection and how to reduce their influence. Can be made with the right focus, can not be controlled to some extent, and resulted in benefits are great.

Collection of watches that do not exist (including the late hours) and compare the number of hours available during this time, we can calculate the percentage of time lost due to absenteeism. This can be ascribed to compare rates for different time periods for this trend.

By management and monitoring of trends suggest, and perhaps even to identify some of the causes of high absenteeism. For example, poor working conditions, bad, or a manager or supervisor, exacerbate the problems in the department or section.

Missing also measured the individual employee. Number and duration of the absence of the employee recorded within 52 weeks. Can identify problems and can be based on the study of their absence.
Strategies and measures to manage any Studies have shown that this disease is an important factor for his absence. The study also shows that the absence of tension, as is the case in the previous period.

Lack of management begins with a clear policy for staff to call patients. Policy must meet the minimum requirements of the Act and can be more liberal in order to get the best staff.

Policy should be clearly communicated to staff. In particular, staff are fully aware of the procedures for the use of sick leave, such as who to contact if a medical certificate or study the business needs of the doctor and everything goes back to the professional requirements for the interview.

To measure the implementation of a system to manage / Department and the employee. You can go to doctors for the prevention of this disease and reduce stress and help the work of the occurrence of health problems and injuries.

Must be controlled to very high levels of persistent absence, and disciplinary actions.


Lack of control is an important element in the management of staff. This can be attributed to several factors, the absence of that arise. Began to manage the disease with the absence of regulation at the level of the absence of disease and assess the reasons. Once can be a clear picture of the organizations is easier to deal with a very high level of absence.

Studies have shown that stress and disease are the main causal factor. And "lack of will and lead to more discomfort and we see no harm in detail in a separate article ..

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