Saturday, February 25, 2012


Credit card revolution began Diners Club released the first of credit card in 1950. Provide consumers with a credit at the time, even after personal savings. It allows them to something they can not afford to buy in cash. In addition, it provides comfort without a stack of dollars in cash. card1The average American family and four credit cards or cards 13, including debt cards and store cards than credit cards. Yes, in fact, the Payment Card 1.3 billion in trading in the United States. But if you think that credit cards are modern American consumers easier, think again. Statistics indicate that credit card debt per household on average $ 4800 per month, as it produces 1.3 million credit cards in bankruptcy in 2003. If you still think this indifference, then consider this time of retirement, most Americans only about 37 percent% of the annual retirement income on the debt, leaving them to rely on family, government and philanthropy. cards2It's scary, even before you find yourself in similar circumstances, there may be some time to assess the debt of your credit card. One way to solve debt problems, you can discuss the credit card. And thus the credit card, debt consolidation. In the short term is to include all credit card debt and credit card payment of fees collected in this way, you do not have to worry about managing your money. They can also help you with additional benefits. Interest in the fall. Has been released on the penalties and overtime. Low monthly payment. Debt, which in a short period of time, or not? Credit repair or not. Save more money in the long term or not. You should also know that there are actually two major types of credit card consolidation. First through the credit counseling company, and they allow consumers to pay, then the total amount is distributed monthly to consumers or creditors so that it is free of debt. Owning a home or other loans secured by other means. This is done by exchanging an unsecured debt. (For example a credit card, f) to secure the debt. (Debt backed by specific assets such as real estate). This credit card debt consolidation is not a magic balm that's all your credit card away from certainty. But it may be easier for you to pay the debts and save money in the long term.

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