Monday, September 17, 2012


Many individuals and families who live from paycheck to a firewall, so, to spend the day, many lenders who offer to take pay as a deposit the money lost due to unforeseen problems in the next life. will delay payments or lack of liquidity in the car, turn off utilities. For those who need instant cash loans are generally good and the answers to serious problems if not.

10 tips to get a loan and lender Information

Loans until the loan process moves forward, carefully examine the company's reputation.

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1. If possible, back to the next payday loan is a better option than the refinancing of the loan payment may result in additional costs and benefits.

2. Costs that are not necessary, such as holidays and expensive clothes and jewelry that do not use the loan, by contrast, loans, such as drugs and doctor visits, food, utilities, fuel, repairs. This is necessary to meet those needs.

3. Before the lender to take the full value Please confirm that you understand. I always read the fine to ask questions about things that do not understand, before signing on the dotted line.

4. When the lender to pay for credits, check their reputation, and the Bureau of Business.

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5. If you plan to pay the credit application a copy of the pay slip, so make sure you have the latest contact information current employer.

6. Because it does not receive income from self-employed loan payment shock. In addition, instead of paying loans is that they can be considered a secured personal loan.

7. If you find that it becomes unmanageable and refinanced several times in person to apply for credit cards with low interest rate of 0% for 12 months starting from April, please consider the establishment and led to his downfall in back, what credit card payments on the loan payment and the date to improve over time.
and current salary.

9. If you sign up for as long as they refinance the loan, as well as check postdated to the borrower as a cash salary, expenses and benefits, you may request that you write.

10. Payment of the loan to pay for their attention, next time when you should be able to provide proof of regular salary payments from the current employer.

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