Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Credit - Over the Limit

Imagine credit card limit is $ 500, and in preparation for Christmas, your card has almost reached its peak. Before the shopping trip of the season, went online to check his account and saw that you had a $ 19 credit available. "Whatever," you say to yourself: "I want to pay the full balance when I got my bonus from work Christmas." Pay only been done for other young local coffee house mochachinos but two days after they were shocked to learn that somehow came up your credit limit! What's worse, you make your company with a book value of $ 29! Mochachino, that broke the camel.
creditcardlimit1This can happen much easier than you might expect. In the example above, you can simply 'pay at the pump. " Often, the gas station to charge the card $ 1 at time of purchase and use the other card costs the same day (or day). Suppose you have $ 17 of gas, which you forgot. This credit will be available for $ 3 - low ($ 17 + $ 1 fee for reimbursement of temporary $ 19). So if you buy two drinks $ 2.50, you pushed your balance to $ 502 for a credit limit of $ 2 and get a huge fine $ 29. It happens all the time.

The real question should be: "Why is the credit card companies is this:" All the cards in a coffee shop can not refuse. They are free from the railway station, the agent reserves on the map, it is necessary that you get a coffee and a credit limit: It depends: Some fees are $ 29 in this embarrassing fate more terrible than may be. a romantic interest or client, but the reality is that for the coffee in the world, particularly in the credit card company, that no such money, but the fees and expenses associated with the card, should be aware and do everything to prevent it, to make tips, payments.

creditcardlimit2First Use a separate card to get gas. "Pay at the pump" can distort the true equilibrium, the gas makes sense to use only one card. The actual gas card, gas card, or just as a set, you can use a regular card. In some operating expenses (cable, bill charges, etc.) For more information about the be beautiful, but the "discretionary" Do not buy it. A $ 200 gas card for recurring expenses, and usually spend $ 80 a month, if it's just a card limit of $ 300 is required. Gas prices through the roof, because it more or gas, or as we left, on the other side is $ 500 better than a small bag.

Second You have the maximum impact on your credit card every month, some have maxed them Check your score and then a whole day, and make sure that the cards for a little more time to have to pay the balance: your account balance check online. Other fees, and every day. Sometimes the charges will not appear immediately, so you really know how much time a statement that not enough is issued and if your gas card, ensuring gas revenues to ensure that you are still on a lookout for anything that Use "$ 1".
The real value in excess of your limit

Nobody likes to pay $ 29 more than a few bars, but the price will further damage the credit limit on your credit card: Many credit card companies to charge for the maximum benefit of excess, not just pay the card you ? A fully independent company could also interest for Jack, but always pay the cost in time, you can avoid all this.

The cards can be a wonderful tool, but they have a heavy responsibility: you must use a credit card to your advantage. This means that the interest-free loan to your balance paid in full each month or just a simple security and satisfaction, which can lead to purchasing power at your disposal, but if you're going to pay $ 29 costs and interest holiday to exert a powerful tool against you. As a consumer reviews smarter, and more taxes and practices of the cards to apply for: Nobody goes to the credit, but it happens to many people, so be aware.

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